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The North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants promotes
the important role of teacher assistants in the public schools,
provides professional training opportunities, and works to
improve salaries and employment security.

Members benefit from

* invaluable PEER NETWORKING





* opportunities for RECOGNITION and AWARDS.

TAOY acceptance speech made by Dawn Bradley at the 2018 NCATA Annual Conference:

Good Evening.

I am honored to be here tonight and to be honest a little overwhelmed.  I was completely shocked when Fred called to tell me I had been chosen NCATA’s Teacher Assistant of the Year.

I would first like to give honor to God, for He has given me all the strength, courage and ability to follow His calling into this profession.  Through Him I can do all things. I would like to thank my husband Kevin. He walks along this journey with me. Our faith guides our path and he is truly a gift that I cherish. He listens to the countless stories about my students, a little reluctantly sometimes. He finds a way to make all my crazy ideas a reality but most of all he supports my journey with NCATA and my passion to teach. He supports me attending conference, the Saturday morning meetings, and all the preparation for these events. I would like to thank our three children Ronnie, Matthew and Kenny who have often spent their evenings dealing with an exhausted mom.

Most of all I want to thank you, the Teacher Assistants of North Carolina, and NCATA. You have provided me professional and personal support. I have many mentors in our organization, many of whom have provided me guidance in leading meetings, in working with my teachers, students and administrators. You have taught me to let my voice be heard, to stand up for our students, and to fight for our profession. NCATA is my extended family.  I know I can depend on all of you for love and support in every area of my life. I can share my burdens and my joys with you and share in your joys and sorrows.  I have true prayer warriors and depend on you all. Being chosen to represent this group of loving professionals is a true honor and blessing. I know that as we unite with each other we will continue to be positive advocates for each other, for our students, and for North Carolina.  

Thank you.

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