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Friday Workshops

Attendees will have the opportunity on Friday to choose between a five-hour autism training from the NC DPI state-wide trainer in autism, Louise Southern, or five one-hour workshops. Attendees attending the autism training will receive a special certificate upon completion of the training. The autism workshop is limited to the first 200 paid registrants.

FA. Friday - Five-hour workshop: “Understanding and Addressing Problem Behaviors through the Autism Lens” – Louise Southern, Clinical Director, Autism Society of NC

Description: As educators working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it is likely that we have all experienced challenging and persistent behaviors. When we experience these behaviors in an individual with ASD, one of the first questions we should ask ourselves is, “What is the individual trying to communicate with this behavior?” What want, need, confusion, or fear is the individual trying to express? When we approach problem behavior in this way, it can lead us toward strategies and meaningful behavior change. This workshop will offer practical strategies that educators can apply to prevent problem behavior and to build better behavior in pre-K through 12th grade students across the autism spectrum. The workshop will also emphasize the ways in which these strategies are responsive to the core features of ASD.

Focus: EC, Autism, Behavior, Classroom Management               Audience: All

Louise Southern has been privileged to work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) since 1998. She has extensive experience implementing and overseeing intensive intervention programs for toddlers through adults with ASD. Louise also served as the content director for the National Institutes of Health-funded JobTIPS project, a web-based resource for adolescents and adults with ASD and other learning differences who struggle to obtain and maintain competitive employment. Louise has also worked as a special education teacher in general and self-contained contexts. She is pursuing her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction at North Carolina State University (NCSU), with a concentration in Special Education.

Attendees who do not attend the five-hour autism training will choose five workshops for Friday from the following:

FB. “ Falling in Love with Writing” – Travis Crowder, National Board Certified English and Social Studies Middle School Teacher

Description: Writing is a focus of instruction that is so often lost in the myriad reading strategies and assessment pieces that accumulate across an instructional year. The ability to write, though, rests on the ability to read--and read well. Quickwrites (Rief 2018), heart maps (Heard 1999), responses to images, and revision (Graham 2011) lead writers--students and adults--into a deeper understanding of process. Process enables writers to navigate the uncertain waters of craft and revision (Murray 1972). We write to discover more writing, and in doing so, we become better readers and thinkers (Graham 2011). In this session, attendees will witness strategies and activities that reach into the hearts of young writers and pull out beautiful words and ideas. Come prepared to write and share and grow alongside the pieces that you will craft!

Focus: Writing              Audience: Grades 2-8

Travis Crowder teaches seventh grade (English and Social Studies). He is a National Board certified teacher. He enjoys presenting at workshops and conferences and has presented at the North Carolina Association of the Gifted and Talented (2013-present) North Carolina Middle Level Educators Conference (2018) National Council of Teachers of English (2017)  He has traveled to work with teachers and students at John C. Webb Elementary School in Navasota, Texas and  Johnson-Williams Middle School and Virginia Daniel Morgan Elementary School in Winchester, Virginia.

FC. “Lock It Up and Seal It! Save that Kid from Falling through the Cracks!”  - Dr. Julie Jailail, Education Consultant

Description: Teacher Assistants play an integral role in the design and execution of differentiated instruction in a classrooms where students function at multiple reading levels and who come to school with a wide range of experiences and talents. Classroom teachers, who are expected to reach and engage these students at the students’ individual interest and ability levels, usually rely heavily on the support provided by their teacher assistants if they are fortunate to have one, to be successful. When the teacher and the teacher assistant work as a team for the students’ success, the result is amazing!  However, reaching the “team status,” is usually impossible if neither party is trained on the principles of collaborating, listening, having intentional dialogue and setting goals for success. Effective implementation of differentiation of instruction for all students is made feasible when there is a teacher assistant supporting the teacher, each similarly committed to the success of the students. This workshop sets out to inform the teacher assistant of the best approaches in assisting the teacher in designing a differentiation model that will reach every student in the classroom. The teacher assistant in this presentation will be engaged in designing tools, instruments, protocols, processes and procedures to support the teacher in the delivery of instruction, ultimately ensuring that all the students are successful and functioning at their highest levels, or vigorously, “Lock it up and seal it: Save that that kid from falling though the cracks!”

Strategies for all subject areas     Audience: All

Dr. Julie Jailall is currently a consultant associated with initiatives directed towards reforming the overall structure and academic programs of charter schools in North Carolina. Her expertise as an educator is extensive, spanning the entire education spectrum from a pre-school teacher, a middle and high school English teacher, a special education teacher, a college instructor for both the community college and 4-year college levels in three countries--the USA, Guyana, South America and in the Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, and charter schools. In 2016, Dr. Jailall co-authored the book designed for school leaders and policy makers, "The Principal as Curriculum Leader; Shaping What Is Taught and Tested" published by Corwin Press. Her other publication is a collection of short stories called, "Sharda," a World-Caribbean-Guyana literature series designed for students learning English as a second language, and often used by classroom teachers to reinforce skills in the genre of fiction writing. Dr Jailall has been awarded five degrees from three accredited universities. She earned an MA in Leadership and Curriculum Studies from ECU, North Carolina; a Certificate in Advanced Students (CAS) in English and Specific Learning Disabilities from ECU, North Carolina and a doctorate in Leadership and Policy studies from North Carolina State University. She received her BA and Dip.Ed. degrees in Linguistics, English and Creative Arts from the University of Guyana.  Dr. Jailall is wife to another educator, NCDPI Education Consultant Dr. Jerry Jailall, and she has three sons and two grandchildren.

FD. “Reach the Stars with STEM and Literacy” – Lisa Rose, National Board Certified Media Specialist

Description: We will have fun with 4 different Fairy Tales! There will be a Stem challenge for each one utilizing materials such as toothpicks, straws, Playdough, marshmallows, and pipe cleaners. Resources for other Fairy Tales will be shared as well. 

Focus: Reading Strategies, STEM, Grades K-5   Audience: Grades K-5

Presenter: I have more than 27 years as an educator, the last 21 as a Media Specialist. I am an ECU graduate (B.S. and M.S.) and National Board Certified as a Media Specialist. I have presented fun classes with STEM to other media specialists, teachers and lots of wonderful elementary students in grades K-5.

FE. “What is your Growth Force? Helping Your Teachers Grow Our Future!” – Dia Collins-Thomas, Principal

Description: As educators we not only want our scholars to be proficient on their end-of-grade tests, but we want them to GROW from year to year! This session will provide attendees with strategies on GROWING OUR FUTURE, growing our scholars throughout the school year and the summer. Let's ensure our scholars do not slip back in the past but keep moving forward!

Focus: Research-Based
Reading & Math Strategies, Student Tech, SGI, Motivational       Audience: Grades K-5

Dia Collins Thomas is currently a principal who is joining us for her third year as a presenter. She is currently working on her doctoral degree at Gardner-Webb University with hopes of finishing up this year. Dia Collins Thomas is passionate about education and energized to present to you today!

FF. “Take a Trip with Tour Builder” (tech workshop using Google earth) - Allyson Medlin, Teacher and NC Digital Literacy Coach

Description: Have you ever wanted to be able to take students on a quick trip to help with instruction? Have you ever wanted to show students exactly what they were studying during a lesson? TourBuilder is an amazing tool that allows you plan trips for your students without ever having to leave the classroom! You can create tours of places anywhere in the world and imbed tasks or pictures at each stop. This is a great tool for creating interactive, engaging activities to reach all learners.

Math, Science, SS, Tech, Strategies        Audience: All

Allyson Medlin is a 4th Grade Teacher at Midway Elementary in Davidson County with a passion for integrating technology into her instruction. She graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a degree in Elementary Education. She has been teaching for thirteen years and is also a NC Digital Leader Coach, presenting at NCTIES, as well as several county-based professional development opportunities.

FG. “Teaching with a Trauma Lens” - Nakala Leggett and Sasha Bouldin, specialized social workers trained in working with children affected by trauma.

Description: Trauma is impacting individuals at alarming rates, and students are no exception. As more focus shifts to mitigating the impacts of childhood trauma, the demand for trauma-informed teachers and support staff has risen. It is imperative now more than ever that school personnel have the tools needed to provide supportive, productive, and safe learning environments for these students. This workshop will explore how to recognize trauma symptoms, explore the different forms of trauma, understand the impacts of trauma on the brain and classroom learning, learn the formula for resilience, and provide some effective classroom management tools for engaging with students who may have experienced trauma.

Behavior, Classroom Management, Mental Health           Audience: All

Nakayla Leggett, MSW, LCSW, is a graduate from NC State University’s social work master’s program. She received her undergraduate social work degree from Winston Salem State University. Nakayla has experience working in level-three group homes for at-risk youth, day treatment facilities, intensive in-home programs, and outpatient therapy settings. She is trained in trauma modalities that specifically address traumatic experiences affecting children/adolescents. Sasha Bouldin, MSW, LCSW earned a B.A. in Psychology from NCSU, and MSW from NCCU. She has provided outpatient therapy in the community mental health and integrative health setting. She also has experience in intensive in-home, residential treatment, school-based mental health, and group therapy. Sasha is a trauma-informed clinician currently rostered in TF-CBT, CPT, and SPARCS.

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