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The North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants promotes
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PDP Certification Program

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The Professional Development Plan (PDP) is NCATA's volunteer certificate program which encourages teacher assistants to further their training. The program helps teacher assistants track the training they receive from community colleges, local district workshops, and conferences, and awards certificates based upon their progress at seven different levels.

There are even a few local school districts who provide bonuses or incentive pay for their teacher assistants based on their certification level. Check with your local human resources department to see if your county is one of those organizations. NCATA does NOT provide financial compensation for certification. A list of all current members holding PDP certifications is sent out in June following conference of each year to each school system. 

Why Participate in the PDP Program?
PDP is an important tool for NCATA members to use in order to reach their full potential as instructional assistants contributing to student achievement. NCATA PDP certification was used as teacher assistants worked to meet the regulations of the No Child Left Behind legislation, which required them to be "highly qualified" by the end of the 2005-2006 school year. Your PDP certification is a great way to document your value to administrators, supervisors, and other educational professionals. Get started today!

How Do I Apply?
For more information, download and print the PDP booklet and application found under "Documents and Links." To apply for certification, complete the PDP application and send it in along with all requested information and the application fee before the end of the calendar year in order to be eligible to receive your certification during the following year. NCATA will only guarantee review of those PDP applications received before the December 31st deadline. Apply as early as possible -- this gives you time to correct any issues prior to the committee's review of your application.

We recommend you take the time to review the information in the PDP booklet, which gives an overview of the program, a timeline and a checklist of all items needed for certification.

If you have additional questions, email NCATA's PDP Chairperson, Marjorie Moore.

How Do I Keep My PDP Certification Active?

Once you have PDP certification, you must do 2 things to keep it active:
1) renew your NCATA membership annually and
2) renew your PDP certification every 5 years by submitting at least 64 hours of continuing education that you’ve had since your last certification. This must be submitted by December 31st in the year prior to the expiration of the certificate. The renewal fee is $45. NCATA sends an email during the summer prior to your certification renewal year reminding you that it’s time to renew. For example, if you have a certificate that is issued in 2019 and expires in 2024, you would submit your renewal application, a minimum of 64 hours of renewal credit, and the $45 renewal fee (this is in addition to paying your membership dues) sometime after July 1, 2023 and before December 31, 2023. 

Other Important PDP Tips (Please read before applying!)
Remember, you must complete a PDP application each time you renew or upgrade your PDP Certification. The membership application (found in our membership documents) and PDP application are 2 different forms. Print the application to send in with your papers. The PDP booklet also contains a timeline, other helpful forms, and important information about the requirements for each level of certification.

The PDP committee reviews the PDP files twice each year, usually in November and in February. It is helpful to the committee to get your PDP files in early rather than waiting until the December 31st deadline. Note: Our conference date can affect the meeting dates for the PDP committee.

Please read page 8 of the PDP Booklet for the application instructions and check to be sure all papers you send in are signed (not a computer signature), dated, with course name, clock hours and your name on them. Keep in mind that any college class counts for 16 contact hours per 1 semester hour, but using college hours requires a sealed official transcript.

Please note: Please note: School Continuing Education, County History Reports, or Umbrella Forms will NOW be accepted for classes taken. A Certificate of Completion Form MUST be completed should a course certificate not be available. The above forms MUST have a principal's or instructor's signature, title, and date written on the forms in order to be accepted. If one of the workshop titles is unclear, we may ask for further justification of that class.

Practical Tips for Completing the Application:

1. Use only last 4 digits of SS#.  White out first numbers if necessary.

2. Organize the papers you send in by year and preferably in chronological order (that eliminates sending duplicates).

3. Please do not send unsigned grade reports from colleges - we need official transcripts or certificates with signatures of instructors.

4. Do not send any financial information such as college tuition, book sales, membership dues, copies of cancelled checks, etc.

5. Do not send any certificates of appreciation. copies of CPR certification card or any paper that does not have contact hours on it. They will be destroyed.

6. EVERY paper you send, including any Continuing Education Employee History Reports, has to have a signature with a person's title - your principal's signature/title will do.

7. Remember, though, if the class title is unknown or unclear to us, we may ask for further information.

8. DO NOT USE STAPLES ON ANYTHING; paper clips are fine

Take time to print and read the PDP Booklet carefully before sending in your application! All downloads require AdobeĀ® ReaderĀ®.

Letters to members who are up for renewal are sent out by August 1 each year. Please note that our mailing address has changed. PDP applications received after the December 31st deadline will be processed on a first come, first served basis. There will be a $10 late fee for applications received after December 31, 2018. If we receive your PDP application after February 1, 2019 it will be held for processing in the next year. There will be no exceptions.

Please send your application, documentation, and fee in early to avoid missing the deadline of December 31, 2018. Your membership for 2019 must also be renewed by December 31, 2018 for your PDP to be reviewed.

**Has your PDP and membership lapsed? To reinstate your PDP due to letting your membership lapse, you must pay the $45 membership fee and a $30 reinstatement fee.

**Has your PDP expired and your membership lapsed? To reinstate your PDP due to a membership lapse with an expired PDP, you must pay the $45 membership fee, the $45 renewal fee, and the $30 reinstatement fee. 

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