The North Carolina
Association of Teacher Assistants



The North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants promotes
the important role of teacher assistants in the public schools,
provides professional training opportunities, and works to
improve salaries and employment security.

Members benefit from

* invaluable PEER NETWORKING





* opportunities for RECOGNITION and AWARDS.

Our Legislative Goals

Our Association: NCATA has been an organization fighting for teacher assistants for thirty-five years. We know our profession and what is possible when teacher assistants are on the educational teams in our public schools.

An increase in professional development opportunities for Teacher Assistants: NCATA advocates for and provides continuing professional development opportunities for teacher assistants.

Job stability and better pay for teacher assistants: NCATA seeks job stability and better pay for teacher assistants working in the state of North Carolina.

An increase in the number of teacher assistants employed, especially in the lower grades: NCATA advocates for teacher assistant positions being restored to pre-recession level.

Respect for our profession: NCATA believes and promotes that teacher assistants deserve respect for their service to students and North Carolina’s public schools.

Our Legislative Action Goals are for:

  • The restoration of pre-recession levels of teacher assistants in our public schools.
  • A pay increase to a minimum of $15-an hour like other state employees have received.

Our Communication Goals are to:

  • Utilize social media to inform and advocate for our profession.
  • Work with other professional education associations when possible.
  • Work with educational advocacy groups when possible.
  • Recruit teachers, administrators, central office employees, and parents as legislative advocates for support of the profession of teacher assistant.

Education Goals:
To help educate teacher assistants, parents, other educators, and the general public about:

  • Protocols of public policies.
  • How teacher assistant positions are funded
  • The value of teacher assistants in public schools
  • New research on the positive effects of teacher assistants on student achievement and absenteeism.

To educate teacher assistants concerning:

  • Legislative needs
  • Association goals
  • Methods of effective communication and proper correspondence etiquette
  • Importance of being a citizen lobbyist 

North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants
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Phone Toll Free: 1.800.979.2077
Fax: 1.800.979.2077

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